How to use a penis enlargement pump

First, let's look at the truth and myths about penis enlargement with magnificence.

penis pump

Myth No. 1. The bigger the dick, the more pleasure.

The vagina is arranged in such a way that the nerve endings are concentrated mainly in the first third of the entrance, since nature, however, prepared the women for childbirth and if the vagina was sensitive throughout, childbirth would turn into unbearable agony. . And that means that in order to please your lady, you have to have a fairly modest dignity. A penis bigger than 20 cm gives more problems than pleasure, here you will have a constant traumatic effect of the uterus and, of course, you will have to give up the pleasures of anal sex. As for the opposite situation, only a penis less than 8 cm in erection is considered a deviation from the rule.

Myth number 2. The penis can be "stretched"

If the primitive tribes still pull back their ears and lips, then, of course, no one bothers to do something similar to our penis.

Physiologically, this is complete nonsense, so you should not become like an uneducated savage and turn a functional organ into inactive spaghetti. The only way to "pull" can help if it is performed in an upright position for 20 minutes every day for several months, due to which the cavernous bodies of the penis will be filled more intensively with blood and the length can be increased by 1 -1, 5 cmBut the same result can be achieved if you have a normal, frequent sex life - and this method is better than delaying something. You should not listen to Taoist techniques that say that it is necessary to maintain an erection with the help of trailers and other improvised methods for several hours - this negatively affects blood flow and can be a source of congestion, which will eventually turn into a trip to the doctor. . The effectiveness of all kinds of meditation methods also leaves a lot to be desired, and if the length increases, then only in your fantasies.

At the moment, there is only one really effective way to lengthen the penis, but it involves surgery and is quite large in execution - "mobilization".

Myth # 3. You can make your penis thicker with special exercises.

Regarding the methods of increasing the diameter, several methods have been invented here, but their effectiveness is different. The first method is the transplantation of adipose tissue from places where there is excess, to a point where there is a lack of it, ie in the penis. The efficiency is extremely low, because if the fat cells stop receiving additional nutrition, they dissolve very quickly and you can enjoy the long-awaited volume for no more than a week. The second way is to add silicone instead of fat. At first, the changes will please the happy owner, but over time, under the influence of gravity, the gel will drain into the base and become a source of problems.

And what it really is

The only option other than surgery is an extension. Its action is based on the principle of dilation, which is actively used to expand tissues in plastic surgery. The result is permanent. Using an extension is a topic for a separate article. We will only book that the results can be achieved in 3-6 months, not earlier.

How to apply

Before starting the procedure, the penis enlargement pump should be thoroughly washed with soap and water or treated with antiseptic preparations. It is strictly forbidden to pour boiling water over it, to treat it with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. To increase the effect, it is recommended to pre-lubricate the penis with special creams. This will increase local blood flow. Lubricants can also be applied to the base of the device. But at the same time, it is worth noting that fat-based lubricants or those containing Vaseline can damage the material of the device.

You must follow a specific sequence of actions:

  • The penis is placed in the cavity of the bottle and then pressed firmly on the body.
  • The compression density of the hole in the cylinder is checked and in the case of a special air valve, the closing density.
  • Then, holding the device with one hand, the other presses the pear or the plunger. As a result, air is pumped out, which allows the penis to be compressed due to the rare atmosphere. All this leads to blood flow to the penis.
  • After about 30 seconds (slight reddening of the penis and erection will be felt), the negative pressure is released leaving air in the device. To do this, push the valve close to the pear (on some models, it is enough to open the hole in the pump, which closes with one finger during the process).
  • The field of how the erection has weakened, it is necessary to repeat the above steps.
  • At the moment of achieving the largest erection, an erectile ring is placed at the base of the penis. This is done to prevent rapid bleeding from the penis, and therefore to keep it upright.
  • After the end of the exercises, the device should also be washed with warm soapy water or other disinfectants for personal hygiene. It must then be wiped and dried at room temperature.

Subject to all the above instructions and recommendations, with the help of a vacuum pump, it is possible to achieve a penis enlargement of 2-3 cm after a few months.

What is a vacuum pump?

The vacuum pump was originally developed to combat erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement was a side effect. What is the principle of operation of this device?

A vacuum pump is a transparent cylinder, a cylinder with an inlet but without an outlet. More specifically, there is an outlet, but it is a small hole with a hose connected to it. A thin hose, in turn, is connected to a pump to pump air from the cylinder. The pump is often represented by a cheap pear, as, for example, is the case with cheap pumps from sex shops. In expensive pumps, a special pistol pump with a pressure gauge is installed to monitor the pressure in the cylinder.

The principle of operation is simple:

  1. The penis is inserted into the bottle.
  2. The bottle is pressed tightly against the pubic cavity.
  3. The air is evacuated from the cylinder using a manual pump. A negative pressure is created in the bottle, or, as they say, a vacuum. As a result, the cavernous bodies are filled with blood, which causes an artificial erection.

After the pumping session, the member maintains an erection for some time, which allows, in combination with the use of funds from the Viagra category or an erection ring, to have sexual intercourse.

However, vacuum pump users have noted that after pumping sessions, the limb looks bulkier than usual. As it turned out later, the use of a vacuum pump increased the penis, but not for long: at the end of the day, the penis always got the previous size. After learning this, sex device vendors began selling the vacuum pump as a penis enlargement device. Thus the vacuum pump gained its popularity.

Penis enlargement mechanisms during pumping

Temporary increase

What makes pumping cause a temporary increase?

  • Mechanism 1. With prolonged (for the time of the sets you will find out later in the article) the elastin fibers are stretched in the tunic of the penis. This allows the cavernous bodies to hold more blood, thus increasing the perimeter of the penis. After a few hours, when the elastin fibers return to their previous length, the perimeter of the penis will return to its normal norm.
  • Mechanism 2. The second mechanism of penis enlargement is the lymph flow. During pumping, not only does a lot of blood flow to the penis, but also lymph. It accumulates under the skin (in the foreskin), which causes the effect of the so-called "donut" after the completion of the pumping session. In the first lessons with a pump, the lymph floods more intensely. Later, the amount of lymph during pumping decreases significantly. In general, the lymph is not dangerous and is not a negative sign. In addition, a few hours after the lesson, the lymph will leave your penis through the lymphatic channels and everything will return to normal. If possible, you should make sure that the amount of lymph is not too much.

It grows on a permanent basis

To increase on a permanent basis, you must combine the use of the pump with manual exercises. Then, with special pumping methods, it will be possible to stretch the tunic and in the next cycle to "pump" the caves. With each of these tasks, with a competent approach, the vacuum pump copes successfully.

The vacuum pump can be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with the main manual program. The second option is preferable.

By using the pump in combination with manual exercises, you can achieve a much greater result to increase the frequency converter. Thus, with the help of a vacuum pump it is possible to increase both the length and the perimeter of the penis.

Types of pumping


Packing is a procession for stretching the tunic. The package requires a narrow bottle in which the upright member can not expand in width, so the force of the vacuum will pull it in length. This method allows you to increase the length of the penis, as well as stretch the tunic.

Classic pumping

The classic pumping is pumping in a wide bottle. The force of the vacuum in such a bottle forces the member to expand in width, filling the cavities with blood at the border. With a tight tunic, this method of pumping helps to effectively increase the circumference of the penis.

Safety rules for working with a vacuum pump

The vacuum pump is a fairly effective tool for penis enlargement. However, with careless use, you will only have injuries and a dark penis. Read this article carefully before using the device.

Under no circumstances violate the following rules:

  1. If you feel pain, stop the pumping session immediately. Find out what causes pain. If the cause was an injury, then wait for full healing before the next session. If the cause of the pain was, for example, a skin bite, the problem should be resolved and the pumping session should be continued.
  2. Never rush. Do not hurt the pumping! Increase the pressure (more precisely lower, since a vacuum is created in the bottle) smoothly, week by week. The secret of development is not in the crazy loads, but in the continuous capable training.
  3. In no case do not exceed 40 minutes of pumping per set! One hour is the time limit for a light load. By this time, you should approach slowly. With prolonged emptying, blood stops flowing freely in the penis, causing the cells of the penis to begin to die. I will talk about the evolution in pumping below.
  4. Do not pump too often. The pumping session is a very pleasant thing: the pump member swells to an impressive size, which is nice to see. However, you do not need to pump 3 times a day. Your goal is to enlarge the penis, not to admire the temporary result. Exercise very often interferes with growth. Therefore, follow the training program, which you will learn about later in the article.

Vacuum pump training program

Consider two training programs:

  1. The first program aims to stretch the albumin of the penis.
  2. The second program aims at "pumping" caves.

Two different bottles are needed for each of the two programs. The hose and pump for pumping air are universal for each cylinder. The first type of training requires a tight packer. How to choose the size of the bottle based on the size of the penis, I described in the article "How to choose a vacuum pump. "

Protein membrane stretching program (length)

The packaging bottle should be quite narrow: the erect penis does not swell in width during packaging, the walls of the bottle limit the expansion, on the contrary the penis extends in length.

I have already described many points in previous articles, which you can always read on the menquestions site. ru in the section "Increasing IF".

Educational programme:

  1. Testicular massage - 5 minutes.
  2. Steam heating - 10-15 minutes.
  3. Light straight stretches in all directions - 10-15 minutes.
  4. High voltage rope - 10 minutes.
  5. Rope or A-stretch (as you prefer). You can include the reverse push here, as well as sit in a member.
  6. Light jelq - 50 repetitions. Before you start pumping, you need to prepare your penis for pumping. Jelq is perfect for this purpose. Dry or wet jelq, whichever suits you best.
  7. Packing. We will now describe in detail how the pumping session takes place.

Packaging process

Bring the penis to an 80-90% erection, lubricate it with cream or liquid Vaseline and then place it in the bottle and press it firmly on the pubic cavity. Try not to put Vaseline in the scrotum, otherwise it will be absorbed into the bottle. If this happens, do not tolerate it: remove the bottle, wipe the scrotum dry with a paper towel and re-insert the penis into the bottle. If friction prevents stretching, then lubricate the inside of the bottle itself with sliding cream oil. The slip must be 100%.

In high quality pumps there is a pressure gauge, it indicates the pressure in the pump. I can not give you the best pressure indicators, because for some the 4 units will look like a tangible load, while the other will not feel anything. You need to monitor the pressure for another reason: you need to know where you started, so that you can increase the load smoothly and not go too far.

The member in the bottle will be stretched along its entire length. Follow your emotions. Stop the set if pain occurs.

Training set

Rest between sets for 3-5 minutes. Slight stretching may occur at this time. Before the next set, bring the penis back to an 80-90% erection.

  • First set. Pass the first set on a light load: do not try to pump all the air to stretch the penis to the maximum in the first approach. If you start gesturing at the beginning, it will stop growing. Everything has its time. Exercise lightly for 10 minutes.
  • Second set. In the next set, you can slightly increase the pressure. A pressure gauge is useful here: look at the pressure gauge and increase the pressure a bit. Also leave 10-15 minutes for the second set.
  • Third set. For the third set, do not increase the pressure, but increase the time to 20 minutes. You should feel good throughout the set. Without pain!

After the sets

After the package again light jelq, literally 30-50 light repetitions. Do not try to do a full hard jelq as in a vascular program. In this case, you need jelq to increase blood circulation, as during pumping, the blood remains stagnant in the penis.

Then do straight pulls of moderate strength for 5-10 minutes.

Measure the BPFSL parameter before and after training. If there is WUP after a workout, you are doing everything right. If not, read the articles carefully again and analyze your workouts.

Increase the load

And now a little more about increasing the load. Do not exceed the specified load throughout the week. The first set is easy, 10 minutes, the second set is slightly increased load and also 10-15 minutes, the third set at the same pressure is 20 minutes. In a week, slightly, slightly increase the load for the first set, therefore, the second set will be with even greater load, the third set at the same pressure but already 20 minutes. The design is simple.

So, week by week, gradually increase the load. This will help you get the best results. After a few weeks, when you gain experience, increase the duration of the sets to 15 minutes for the first set, 20 minutes for the second and 25 minutes for the third.

With enough experience, you can upgrade and change your training program, based on the examples I have given.

Continue the stretch of the tunic until you increase the difference between BPFSL and BPEL to 2 cm or more and then proceed to the vascular cycle. However, if you've read all the previous articles and done it right, then you already know it.

Vase program using pump

List of exercises:

  1. Testicular massage - 5 minutes.
  2. Steam heating - 10-15 minutes.
  3. Instant traction of medium strength - 5 minutes.
  4. Jelq - 100 repetitions.
  5. Upright curls - 10 minutes.
  6. Sits on a semi-upright limb - 10 minutes.
  7. Pumping session.

Behavior series

The pumping session in the vascular circle is exactly the same as in the stretching cycle of the tunic, with the only exception that the bottle in this case is wide, not narrow and the penis swells in width. The session time and the beginning of the load increase are exactly the same. You can always re-read all the articles on our site.

Do push-ups between sets. 10-15 pressures between sets will be enough. The combination of the vacuum pump and the drills creates some fantastic VUPs. Drill carefully. If you feel that the load is too big, then slow down and shorten the workout.

Finally, make a light jelq to activate your circulation.

The training is over. At the end of the workout, lubricate the penis with an ambulance ointment for bruises and bruises or equivalent. Program 2/1 or 3/1.

With the help of this program, after a cycle of stretching the tunic, I was able to increase the perimeter of the penis by 0. 5 cm per month. It was a good result! Then the growth slowed down and then I went back to the tunic stretch cycle.

Be careful with your sexual organ. If you feel that the limb is not ready for such a load or has not recovered, rest.

To monitor the effectiveness of your workout, you can measure your penis circumference before and during your workout. However, you should try to measure it before the member fills with lymph. The periphery enlarged by the lymph does not concern us. We need a clean WUP. And the bigger the difference between the measurements at the beginning and during the training, the better. If the difference is growing week by week, you are on the right track.

Some important points

Now let's look at some important points in the classic pumping.

Moment 1 - manual exercises + pump

The vacuum pump is a great addition to the main exercise program and enhances the training result. You do not have to switch to a single pump - this will be the wrong decision.

Moment 2 - lymph

During pumping exercise, the penis is "flooded" strongly by lymph. The first lymphatic workouts may be longer, after several sessions it "floods" not so much.

If there is a lot of lymph, then you can split the set into two stages, with a pause between stages of 30 seconds.

To avoid a large amount of lymph, pumping in a condom will allow. Yes, do not be surprised. In a condom, the skin is compressed tightly, which prevents the lymph from concentrating under it. This does not affect the overall effectiveness of the workout.

Moment 3 - healing creams

At the end of the workout, you should use a healing cream. This will help the red dots to heal quickly and prevent darkening of the penis.

Moment 4 - blood when pumping

During exercise with increased loads, a few small drops of blood may come out of the urethra. This is due to damage to the vessels of the urethra. In this case, end the session immediately and let yourself rest for two weeks. During the rest, take the drug "Ascorutin" to strengthen blood vessels or a proven analogue. You should also take vitamin E.

After two weeks of rest, continue training, but start gradually: after two weeks of light training, return to full training.

Moment 5 - sex after training

After a workout, you should not have sex or masturbate. Rest in yourself and your member. Have sex next time.

Moment 6 - dark skin

With active classic pumping, the skin of the penis may darken a little. This happens when the conditions I describe in the program are not observed: warm-up, adequate load, use of creams after training. In any case, dark is not a painful sign. I have described the mechanism of darkness in previous articles.

Separating words and wishes

You could not help but notice that the duration of the workouts described exceeds one hour. Yes, it is quite large, but at this stage it is necessary. After the development of a beginner, after the first centimeters, it is increasingly difficult to achieve greater growth. The penis adapts to the loads, so training also becomes more difficult. But do not lose your heart, everything is in your hands! Whoever wants, will succeed. No one promised it would be easy. Patience to your friends and growth!