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  • Urs
    After 40 years, I noticed that I no longer stand out in bed. I think this is partly due to the fact that I am not unhappy with the size of my penis and cluster. I found the Gigant gel on the Internet. I order it on the website. I just wanted to get an erection, but I also managed to enlarge my penis. The erection returned to normal on the first day and a week later I measured an increase of 2 cm.
  • Jasmin
    My husband and I have been married for 10 years. He is 50 years old. Recently, he started having sex and the size of his dignity did not really satisfy me. I decided to order the Gigant gel online at the official website of the manufacturer. I paid for it myself, the delivery came in the mail. The gel really helped. My husband used it for a week, the penis got bigger and harder.
  • David
    I did not have a very large penis - 16 cm and I noticed that this is not enough for my girlfriend. Because of this, I started to have clusters and, in addition, I started having erection problems. The doctor recommended Gigant gel, I order it online. After 2-3 days the erection came back and after a week I noticed that my friend had added at least an inch in length!
  • Sara
    I have known a man for 5 years. His penis is not very big, so he also started having problems with libido. It turned out that due to stress at work, the guy completely lost his erection. We went to the doctor, suggested the Gigant gel. We ordered it on the manufacturer's website and started using it. After 4 days, the man's penis became larger and an erection appeared.
  • Sandra
    I was always shy about sex because of a small penis and in the end, I started having problems with power. My friends advised me Gigant gel for the growth and activity of the penis. I order it on the official website of the manufacturer. The erection improved after a few days and a week later there was a nice bonus - the penis became thicker and bigger.
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